MEP BIM Modeling
Creation of Revit Family for Parametric Product Design
Revit family creation or BIM content creation is the process of creating a library of custom-building products or mechanical elements that any changes to a particular family type are automatically updated throughout the entire project elements of the same family type. When design engineers are working on a considerable big construction project it is difficult for them to create a model of every building product or mechanical component multiple times, so they use the Autodesk Revit platform to create parametric Revit families of that element. Read this article to know why BIM content creation is important for building product manufacturers.

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Problem-solving with MEP Coordination
A poorly planned MEP system will consume more materials than necessary. This can affect components like air ducts, electrical conduits, cable trays, and plumbing lines. These installations increase the time and labor costs as the length of these installations increases. We can help you with efficient MEP coordination that minimizes material and labor costs.
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MEP Coordination and MEP BIM Modeling for Airport Construction Project
A general contracting company needed a clash-free MEP BIM model for its office buildings, passenger terminals, South Tier, and North Tier of an Airport in Oman. The BIM experts at Hitech BIM Services delivered a clash-free coordinated MEP BIM model created in Revit with clash detection reports in Navisworks. The client was able to save $7 million in 6 months and 100% of MEP systems were installed with zero change orders due to diminished filed conflicts.
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How BIM Clash Detection benefit Building Construction
BIM Clash detection plays an important role in the design process and preparation of a 3D model in the construction industry today. It helps in effective identification, scrutiny, and news of interferences throughout a project model which results in a reduction in overall cost, material waste, and project completion time.
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MEP‌ ‌Clash‌ ‌Detection‌ ‌Services‌ ‌to‌ ‌Prevent‌ ‌Conflicts‌ ‌Amongst‌ ‌Building‌ ‌Design‌
We deliver MEP clash detection services by checking building element interference in 3D models to provide a single coordinated and clash-free 3D BIM model using Navisworks, for facilitating better collaboration between engineers and architects, to enable error-free construction.
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MEP BIM Coordination, MEP 3D Modeling, Clash Detection and 3D HVAC
A coordinated MEP design enables engineers to achieve full coverage at the most optimized setting for electrical wires, pipes, conduits, ducts, etc. 2D MEP drawings are an inefficient way to optimize difficult layouts. 3D MEP models help designers, engineers, and other stakeholders visualize conflicts in the pre-construction stage.
3 Steps to Ensure Efficient MEP Design for Building Construction Projects
MEP means referring to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems utilized in the building structure. Improving the performance of the MEP system impacts the overall performance and operational efficiency of the building. It is thus important to ensure that the MEP designs are efficient so that the building development project is not affected adversely. Here are the 3 critical steps an MEP contractor or an engineer should follow.
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Clash-free MEP BIM Modeling for Plant Room
Rework and material waste contributes up to 7.25% to 35% of total project cost and also increases construction time. A clash-free 3D BIM model helps reduce delays, material waste, and costly construction rework. To meet the clients' requirements, BIM consultant experts at HitechBIMServices provided accurate MEP 3D modeling and clash detection for a Plant Room in Europe helped detect clashes and resolve them leading to informed decision-making as well as cost-saving due to first-time-right deliverables. To discuss your detailed project requirements contact our clash resolution experts at

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How Does MEP BIM Help Contractors in Construction Process?
MEP 3D models and MEP coordination drawings developed in Autodesk Revit helps engineers and architects to plan the design efficiently. It helps in determining the accuracy of the designs and models to ensure a seamless construction process. Using clash detection software like Navisworks ensures that elements of architectural, structural, and MEP disciplines do not clash with each other.
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