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VDC Consulting Services for Construction Projects
Implementing the VDC process leads to clash detection and issue management, reduces labor hours in the field, and saves construction costs. Learn how you can use VDC to drive better construction outcomes.
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Construction Drawings vs Shop Drawings - Key Differences
Building design and construction are complex matters that require accurate, complete, and updated drawing sets for manufacturing and installation. As a project progresses, these sets of drawings become crucial to communicate design intent and facilitate successful construction. Construction drawings and shop drawings are two sets of drawings that create a firm preconstruction base enriched with 2D deliverables for precise component manufacturing. A clear design intent, lower material waste, quality component manufacturing, clash-free installation, mitigated project delays, and reduced costs are consequences of accurate, detailed, and updated drawing sets. Learn of the key differences between construction drawings and shop drawings by reading the following article.

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BIM Outsourcing for Building Engineering and Architectural Consultants
Savings on construction time, better collaboration, higher project ROI, access to modern construction tools, and zero capital investments are some of the benefits projected by BIM outsourcing. The versatile nature of outsourcing BIM projects supports architects and engineering consultants to focus on essential business processes to extend business opportunities for higher growth. This blog provides a better direction for architects and engineering firms to adopt BIM outsourcing for high-impact outcomes.
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How BIM services can benefit contractors for hotel construction projects
Conventional hotel designs and clashes between architectural, structural, and MEP systems lead to rework, project delays, and functional issues in hotels, resulting in guest discomfort. Adopting BIM services allows contractors to gain early interdisciplinary clash detection with tools like Revit and Navisworks. The enhanced visualization brings greater project clarity, resulting in better decision-making and hassle-free construction. BIM services also allow for better facility management and easy renovation for high-rise hotels.
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How BIM Clash Detection benefit Building Construction
Clash detection is a critical part of the integrated BIM modeling process. BIM Clash detection helps in speeding up construction projects by identifying clashes between several models during the early design stage. BIM & clash detection with Navisworks ensures prompt knowledge transfer for streamlined coordination between members of different design, construction, electrical, and engineering disciplines.

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Benefits of Hiring BIM Analysis Model Design Company
Building information modeling focuses on offering a centralized source of information. The BIM analyses benefit the project at every stage. The information that collects in your database will help you to figure out important metrics. These include time, expectations, costs, investments, and brand value. At Hitech BIM Services, we integrate building design data with analytics and leverage it with BIM models of construction projects to help construction and design firms stay efficient.
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What are the benefits of adopting BIM Services?
Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of creating and managing building data through a three-dimensional model. It helps in building life cycle management. You can get a detailed estimation of the costs and can get better coordination among the involved teams using BIM services. All the relevant factors can be analyzed before the beginning of actual construction. This means that the construction will be efficiently managed and you can effectively plan ahead for setbacks.
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Benefits of 4D BIM Modeling in Construction Management
4D BIM Modeling is a step further after 3D BIM modeling in construction management means the additional element of time or dimension of 3D BIM + Time = 4D BIM or Scheduling.
The construction of the 4D models enables project stakeholders like architects, general contractors, owners, construction managers, etc. to visualize the entire duration of a series of events and display the progress of construction activities through the lifetime of the project.
This approach towards project management technique has a very high potential to improve the project management and delivery of construction projects, of any size or complexity.
If you need outsourcing 4D BIM services at an affordable price, reach out to us with your project requirements at
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What is Level of Detailing/Development (LOD) in BIM Modeling?
A proper Level of Development (LOD) specifications can enhance the accuracy, precision, and value of the entire BIM process as well as 3D models for the entire lifecycle of a project. Read more about the Level of Detailing/ Development (LOD).
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Choosing The Right BIM Services Outsourcing Partner
If you are looking for an outsourced BIM services provider you should look for a company that delivers you end-to-end BIM implementation as well as consulting services and essentially can make a visible difference in building construction and infrastructure development projects. Hitech BIM Services is one of the popular BIM services providers in USA, UK, Canada, Europe, and Australia & APEC regions. For more information, please email us at
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